A chat with Jessica Nigri & Kelly Jean, MCM Comic Con London

I’m not sure if I was nervous or relaxed about meeting Jessica Nigri, because at this point I was pure adrenaline.

I had just come from meeting TomSka, one of my favourite YouTube comedians (interview to follow). So this first morning at Comic Con was off to a great start.

I rounded the corner to where I knew her stage would be, thanks to Twitter, and saw there already a crowd was amassing around her and the British Cosplayer Kelly Jean. (Who puts Billie Jean into my head every time I read her name)

There seemed to be some confusion going on, I snuck around the towering Manager looking person (who I later realised was her Dad, and that was totally unnecessary) and asked Jessica and Kelly for an interview. They said “Sure!” but that first they had to get a table to sell their prints. For some reason their table had no been provided.

So me and my cousin Reiss, who I had brought along as my Cameraman, waited.

This was probably the dumbest thing I had done at an event like this! You never wait, you never ‘hang about’, that’s how you loose interviews! As soon as their table arrived, fans began to line up and it was only out of the kindness of Jessica Nigri who said – “Hey where did that interview guy go?” – that I actually got this interview at all.

Thank you Jessica! You saved me from my own rookie mistake.

Watching the interview afterwards I could see I was a little flustered, and it didn’t help that I bought my notebook in the wrong pocket. As I use this recorder more though, I will probably fiddle with it less as well. Oh well, we’re always learning.

You can see my interview quickly gets derailed as well, but both Kelly and Jessica were so friendly and helped me through it. I don’t know how they can stay so relentlessly positive for hours upon hours of meeting fans. I was exhausted after just one day, imagine doing this for a full weekend!

I’m always impressed by anyone who can do that. On top of that, Cosplayers do such incredible work when they create a costume. It combines art with performance, but on a much more personal level than theatre does.

And do I turn bright red when Jessica booped me on the nose?….Look, I’m only human.

You can check out Jessica Nigri’s fanpage here

And Kelly Jean’s over here – I really recommend her Lilith edit. It’s the same costume she has on in this interview, but tweaked just a little to look terrifyingly realistic!