I got to meet TomSka, and interviewed him!

I was first introduced to TomSka at Uni, when someone showed me his “Banned” Lincoln University ads (which quite frankly did an awesome job of promoting the university).

Three years later I still anticipate his uploads and appreciate the frankness of his personal vlogs. Like Jessica Nigri, he is someone I look up to as someone who has pursued their passions and fought to make a living out of them, the exact same thing I am trying to do for myself now.

So when we rounded the corner and I first saw TomSka, I may have jumped up and down and squealed with excitement. I don’t know how my cousin/cameraman took that.

I had previously decided I wanted to ask him about his new official company, and also his upcoming game CATATTAK, which in large part seems to be inspired by his video, Holy Shit Cats!

When I went up to him and asked for an interview,  he was doing some final setup for his stand. It’s opposite us in the interview, that’s why we keep pointing to it. But, that’s when (again) I almost completely lost my interview.

I apologised for disturbing him. And then I said: “We could come back later?”

TomSka chuckled, pointed out that in five minutes this whole hall would be crawling with people and that if I didn’t interview him now, I’d never get the chance to again.

Thank you Tom! Once again my interview was saved by the person I was interviewing.

Strangely enough, TomSka’s editor is also called Eliot. Although he is called “Elliot”, a double “T”er, I still remain the only “1L 1T” in the known universe. This did create quite an awkward moment when he said “How are you doing Elliot?” and I replied.

It’s extremely rare there are two Eliot’s within ear-shot of each other. It feels kind of like meeting a clone who was sent off to another family. Perhaps I am the first, and all other Eliot’s are clones of me, increasing in consonants the further your are down the line.

Or maybe I think about my name too much.

And did I find an opportunity to reference one of my other YouTube favourites, Team Four Star? You bet I did.

You can find TomSka’s channel here