Best bits from my pre-launch GvG Arena run

After quite the long break, I’ve made another video!

As you may be aware, the new Hearthstone expansion – Goblins vs. Gnomes – was released early, and all players were given one free run the arena.

There were some moments I loved from that run, most of them were very silly, and I had a lot of fun making the video even sillier.

(Apologies for the one brief frame where you can see my desktop GAAAH!! It takes 6 hours for me to upload a video so it is really not worth doing all over again just to fix that one bit.)

With my tournament over, while I plan my next step, I will try to get some more videos out because I have a backlog of Dota matches to go through. Epic Dota matches.

Also Dwarf Fortress, I want to get back to DF. I’m exploring faster, more edit-joke-tensive videos now. They should be less tedious.