Dota 2: Bloodrage Double Zeus Ulti

This game is from a couple of patches ago, but it was still a crazy fun game. Although, it would’ve gone better if we hadn’t kept throwing the game.

I like making these videos. I used to be more invested in pursuing a film-making career, and I always enjoyed editing. It’s a lot like wood-carving I find. You have your block of material you need to cut down, shape, maybe add some fancy bits. It’s very therapeutic.

I also love writing, but that is something which requires my concentration and creative energy. Editing is for me that can just happen. However, I keep putting it off because of hour long Dota games, and poor audio recording.

My voice is loud and shrill and I spend most of the time trying to balance the audio. I hope I’m getting better at setting things up correctly, before I start recording. I have loads of games waiting to be edited and uploaded, so in the new year I’m going to try and get more of them up!