iMakr tell me all about their 3D Printers

While I was at Comic Con London, me and my cameraman/cousin saw a 3D Printing stand. We came over to look at the all the cool models and toys – of various nerdy interests – which were on display.

After talking to one of their staff, we decided that we should really interview him. 3D Printing technology is still so new for so many people, that it was fascinating to see what iMakr were doing with it.

I’ve seen a few 3D Printing things before, like 3D printed controllers at Gamescom (the roughness of the process gave it a really nice grip). I also did a Pub Quiz while I was in China, and a friend of mine made 3D Printed whistles as a prize, with the bar’s name on them.

What’s really cool is My Mini-Factory. People put up designs, and you can download them. As this technology becomes more available, it’s going to revolutionise toys, action figures and figurine collecting.

The first tabletop wargame to capitalise on this will be king, mark my words.

If I can download Warhammer figures for my army, instead of paying their ridiculous prices, people will. Wargaming is going to have to figure out how to adapt to this technology in the next 5 years I think.

And yeah, I keep glancing around a lot because I was keeping an eye on my Cameraman, and it is painful how many people are poised to walk right in front of the lens. I don’t get how people can be so unaware of a camera, especially when its on a tripod with a dude behind it.