Interview with ‘ReDeYe’: “I see Hosting as my reward” [Gamescom 2014]

This was a while back now, but I originally had different ideas for the content. I wanted to used a lot of what was said as a voice over for some kind of promo video, showing off the work of the backstage crew.

However, we never really got enough content to make a whole video like that. So here is the whole interview I did with Paul “ReDeYe” Chaloner that sunny Thursday morning of Gamescom, in Cologne.

This was actually the first interview I ever did and I was pretty excited to get the chance to interview ReDeYe. I had met him the day before at the ESL Offices, but he was a bit too stressed out at that moment for me to go all fan boy on him.

In the interview though, you can see how excited I am, and hear my bloody stupid laugh! It may not sound that bad to you, but you tried rewinding back and forth over your own goofy laugh trying to edit it. It’s part of the reason I put this one off for so long.

Also my hair. When I saw the footage I had a go at my best mate who was doing the filming.

“Why didn’t you tell me!”

I think he may have said along the lines of that’s how I always look.