I tried out Smite with my Dota friends!

So me and my Dota buddies, Dan & Rich,  gave Smite a go!

I point out we normally play Dota, because we do have that unshakeable superiority when we play other MOBAs. I mean Dota just is the best I find, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy playing other ones from time to time!

I actually really started to get into Smite. At first I thought it was kind of cute and poked fun at it, but once I started play THOR, oh how I got into it. His ultimate, where he leaps up into the air and then gives you a moment to choose which fleeing deity you wish to crush, and you launch downward in a explosive ball of AWESOME.

Once Dan & Rich get their computers fixed, expect more Smite videos. We’ll also drag our friend along who knows it better than us and learn how to actually use the items.

If you’re new to Smite, give the Grand Finals a watch, they were some really good matches!