Interview: Sottle talks preparation, weird mage decks and…Yo-Yos?

Sottle is one cool guy, and you should totally go check out his Twitch stream sometime. If you donate any amount of money, he will do a Yo-Yo trick for you. Why? Because he is the 4 times National Yo-Yo Champion.

I asked him how he made the transition to Hearthstone and how, if at all, his Yo-Yo experience helps me.

Short answer to that is “Yes”. He says competing on a stage in front of crowd meant that he doesn’t get stage fright as much as some players do, and on top of that, his understanding¬† of exactly what the judges look for does help him play Hearthstone, because preparation is key to being a top player.

It was kind of funny when I was doing these interviews, with the one spotlight I had for the interviewee and myself sitting in total darkness. The staff had no idea how to operate the lights when I asked, and then I said “It’s okay, there’s a lightboard behind that wall I can use”

*Glazed over look*

“I used to be a lighting technician”

Oddly specific skills being useful!