Esport covers of Tenacious D songs I’d like to hear

Gamer covers of Tenacious D songs I’d like to hear

I lack musical talent and singing skills, so if you’d like to take inspiration from these and make them yourself, please feel free to do so! Just credit me please ^.^

Fuck her Gently, Tencacious D – “Pwn her gently” [Halo]

“You don’t always have to pwn her hard,
in fact some times that’s not right, to do
Sometimes you gotta teach your girl
And fucking carry the teeeam too

Sometimes ya let her feeed
Sometimes you’ve got to play ‘cas'(ual)
Sometimes ya got ta say: hey!

I’m gonna pwn you, softly
I’m gonna ‘nade you gently
I’m gonna snipe you, sweetly
I’ll tea-bag you, discretely!”

And then she says: “hey this is pretty fuuuuun!”
And then you say “Wait a minute Sally”
Are you really 15 and Oooooh?
“Could you leave a kill for me?”
“Shut up, nooooooob!

How did-she-get-so-pro?
I remember, when I wore the trousers, a minute ago
“What’s your favourite map?”
“I’m not gonna pick it, ‘cos hey they brought back Zanzibar!

And then she’s gonna pwn you completely
And then she’ll fucking nuke you discreetly
And then she’ll fucking rape you completely
But then, she’s gonna pwn you haaaaa-AAAA-AAARD!



Lee, Tenacious D – “Mules” [Starcraft II]

“Muuuules Muuules Muuules Muuuuuules

Mulesy Mulesy Mulesy Mulesy Mulesy Mules

We’re taking fucking Mules

I had an orb-it-al

It launched a pod, a pod at meeee

If toss, and zerg, and BM could be free

From aaaaall, these fucking Mules

I’m drowning in a sea of Mules

I propose a balance change

To Kim Kim Kim, Kim Kim Kim, Kim Kim Kim

Kimied Kimied Kim Kim etc.

If Toss, and BM, and Zerg (that’s me)

Could be free (Could be free)

One CC (CC)

Hit B! (Hit B!)

Then E! (Then E!)


For Mules! Mules! Mules! Mules! Mules! Mules! Mules! Mules! Mules!






Tribute, Tenacious D – Tribute (to greatest build in doto) [Dota]

“This is the greatest and best build in doto’s…..Tribute
Long time ago, me and my dota buddy here,
We was matchmaking hard, loooong into the night
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny Troll
In the middle, of the Lane

And he said: “Make the beeeest build in doto, or I’ll gank you nub”

Well me and buddy, we looked through the shop,
And we each typed: “E.Z!”
And we made the first thing that came into out heads, it just so happened to be
It was the best build in dotoooo, it was the best build in dotooooo

Look into my eyes and you’ll see what we need,
Sang and bash make Ag’s, Ag’s and Yash makes me
we need, Skadiiiii
Once every hundred-thousand CS or so,
When the runes doth spawn, and the wards doth show
And the camps doth grow-ooooh…

Needles to say, the troll was stunned
A fwhip-snap went his stupid body,
and the twat was done
He asked us: “Be you Dendi?”
And we said: “Nay,  we are but Noobs!”


Whoooaa whoooaaa

This is not, the greatest build in the doto, no, this is just a tribute
Couldn’t remember the greatest build in the doto, no, NO!
This is a tribuuute
To greatest build in doto, alright
It was greatest build in doto
Oohhhh whooaa

*noises – mutter items where you can*

And the peculiar this is this my friends, the build we made on that fateful night, it wasn’t actually even that good!

You can kinda make it up!
You gotta believe me,
It depends on teamwork,
Just matter of opinion
Good fight!
I started farming!
Surprised to find ya can’t stop me
I’m a Rich-motherfucker

Alriiight! Alriiiight!

Ahahahaha aha ahahahaahh!!!