Where have you been?!

This is a valid question I’m sure none of you were asking, but I’m going to answer it anyway, because I have not been updating this blog nearly as much as I want to!

There’s so much to catch up on as well, TwitchCon, giving a talk at Demuxed – that was cool, I got to speak on the same stage as people from Twitch and YouTube!

I’m also helping a guy in L.A. run and promote his weekly Hearthstone tournament, so be sure to check that out if that’s something you’re into. I did a huge revamp of ToBeGosu.com just before that as well.

At the same time I’m still trying to arrange a venue to run my own tournament at, I’ve been finding that a cultural struggle more than anything – will touch on that in an article I’m writing on creating TBG for EsportsCareers.com.

There’s lots more generally I want to blog about too; how much San Francisco reminds me of China, the tense racist situation on a bus that one time, how 90% of Americans are too confrontational for my liking (No, it’s not “Strong” or “Assertive” it’s just plain rude), Muir Woods, Alcatraz, some hostels to review, the ‘Zombie Girl’ in China, all of Tibet as well – a lot to cover!

Hell I never even blogged about Hong Kong did I?

Eliot Miller Travelling to Be Gosu Hong Kong esports
Would you believe the one time I go to Hong Kong its frigid (Polar Vortex)

Like I said, we’ve got some catching up to do.

And hopefully I’ll have the energy to get on top with it. Maybe I can set myself a target of 250 words a day? That’s not much, this is only 261 so far. I never meet my own targets though “An article a week/month” is too vague and I just don’t stick to it. 250 words a day, I guess that’s achievable.

Where those 250 words will go is another question though.

I really want to put some work into creating some good tutorial and guidance material on TBG on running events, how to get prizes and the like. If I can, I’d like there to be career advice for aspiring esports athletes and streamers as well.

Oh by the way I have been doing tutorials for all the big encoders at work, so feel free to ask me any questions about live video streaming now.

The other thing I really want to do though is finish my tabletop roleplay gaming, Rulers.

I’ve said that phrase a lot.

And I’ve still not done it.

It’s the closest it’s ever been to completion, I can take some solace in that, but it just needs that final push to be a finished draft.

What it is, is a rulebook that currently stands at 59 pages and over 21,600 words.

I set myself a challenge to finish by the end of the year, and that’s actually quite doable, so I should really stick it out!

Plus as extra motivation, Tim Schafer – the man behind Double Fine and games such as Grim Fandango, Pyschonauts, Broken Age and Brutal Legend – showed an interest in it.

Well…sort of. I tweeted at him if I could Brutal Legend roleplay game one day (based on Rulers) and he said I should send it to him when its done.


So THAT’S motivating.

I made a thing for Rulers too. I say made, what I really did was download an AE project from VideoCopilot.net and change the text. But it still looks cool.

Plus I know how to make GIFs now

Rulers Game TBG ToBeGosu Eliot MillerIn summary then, I guess I’ve been busier than I’ve felt, 250 words a day sounds reasonable, don’t be so hard on yourself, let’s finish Rulers :)

Here’s the original Lip Dub to see you out because, “257 Weeks”….250 Words….? Whatever, this is still an amazing video project.