I Was On Local Radio Explaining Esports!

On November 1st I was live on KFNX, a local radio station in Arizona, speaking as an esports expert for their TechTalk show, “The Rise of Esports”

Explaining esports is a topic that I find really interesting, and I think I managed to cover quite a bit!

(My part starts at 11:15)

I apologise for the poor audio. I really don’t know how that happened, as I’ve used my Apple Headphones before and the audio was pretty good.

If anyone knows how to salvage this audio, I would love to hear from you! (@ToBeGosu_)

I was pretty nervous about doing this. An opportunity to represent the entire esports community was not a responsibility I took lightly.

I’ve seen previous programs by mainstream media use esports as a synonym for professional League of Legends and talk about “gaming culture” as if all of it was related to esports.

It’s understandable when looking from the outside, for a lot of people gaming and esports tend to blur together into one brightly coloured array of flashing lights. But, I wanted to make sure I represented esports well.

So I’m pretty pleased that I managed to mention Starcraft: Brood War, Starcraft II, Dota 2, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Call of Duty and even alluded to Heroes of the Storm.

Sorry CS:GO, would’ve loved to found space to mention you as well.