Nobody Else But Me

I have walked through the Mountains of Manhattan.

Seen the desert forests to the south

And the sparkling lakes to the north

There is nobody else here, only me

There was no big catastrophe

No great wars or deadly disease

It was all just, little things really

Now there is nobody left, only me

The sun is bright in the sky

And grows brighter ever day

I have climbed the highest mountain

And with a robotic eye, I will capture this moment

But there will be no-one left to see it, not even me.


Just a little short-story/poem thing I wrote today. Last night I started to picture a cybernetic human walking around Earth, the last person left, just taking a good look around before the Sun enveloped it all.

I like poetry formats, but I can’t rhyme. Is there a name for writing micro-stories with an emphasis on repetition?

I really enjoying doing stuff like this, I want to try and do more writing and creating just for the fun of it, and to stop trying so much pressure on myself to turn all my hobbies into careers. Maybe a hobby doesn’t need to be anything more than fun.

Art from Tokyo Genso

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