I Finally Got Paid to Work in Esports!!

It was a pretty special day, one that came and went without me really realising the implications of what had happened.

I got paid to work in esports!

I am very proud of myself to have reached this point.

The work in question was a Consultancy gig with a client I am naturally not at liberty to mention. Basically, I heard about their gaming events company (from Sancho9000, who I used to help run tourneys), reached out to them on my own initiative and….never heard back from them again.

Until 6 months later!

When they got back to me, they were very interested in having me advise them on how to best build a Hearthstone league.

So I wrote up a portfolio, met up with my client at GDC, and was paid a fair consultancy fee for my time. I really enjoyed the work, combining my my fondness for creativity and event planning with some thorough research! (miss you, History degree courses <3)

At the time, I just raced over to the bank, deposited the cheque, and went home. Now the significance of this has dawned on me.

I have been paid to work in esports.

I cannot enjoy repeating it enough.

However, this by no means I’m making a professional living by doing this (so if you can think of anyone else who could use my consultancy services, I’d love to hear about them), but it is a big milestone nonetheless.

I have reached a goal I set out to achieve 2 years ago when I first started this blog.

I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve (it doesn’t help, don’t do that), so its really nice to have something I sit back, take a goo look at and go:

“Yeah, yeah it is pretty cool I did that”