MECHAZ0R: Birth of a Hero

Metal shrieked against metal. Gears ground. Smell receptors were clogged with the stench of oil, as blades and fist and laser traded blows.

RED fell to the ground in a scrapheap.

“I can’t go on my Cousins. Leave me here! I will hold the pass while you make your escape”

“Oh my motherboard, stop trying to be a hero!” snapped YE110W as he scurried ahead

101001100100101000” shouted GREEN, and 3LUE charged back out of the thicket, with laser bolt dashing past him on each side.

P1NK rocketed over his head, strafing and dived bombed the advancing Primus Collective. Her gatling cannons tearing relentlessly into their shields and armour.

With ease, 3LUE scooped up RED and carried him back to the others.

“You are in my care now little one” he boomed, “I will carry you”

“My Hero…” whined RED, rolling his 4 optic sensors as best he could

GREEN and P1NK ceased their onslaught and all 5 Cousins raced towards freedom.

….or so they thought.


“Awww no! NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO!!” wailed YE110W, “Water?? Are you kidding me? Anything but water!!”

On the farside of the razorfern thicket was a dark, sandy beach. Long and thin, stretching further than any telescoping camera could see. In front of them, nothing but sea. The ultimate enemy of all mechanicals.

I’ve got this!” shout P1NK and she leap forwards over the ocean, engaging her turbo-thrusters and soaring into the sky! But, banking as hard as she could, her hover-jets were no match for the wicked waters and she had to turn back to the beach.

Panting she asked “How….how far…did I get?”

“About 10 feet” replied YE110W, “You levitate P1NK, you don’t fly”

“I believe P1NK can fly” said 3LUE, “And I believe we will find a way of out this”

P1NK smiled, but his comforting words were quickly silenced by the march of the Primus Collective. Shieldmasters surrounded them on all sides, and Primus Fists readied their gauntlets to crush their girders.

They held their ground. And a serpentine sounds slithered onto the sand.

Scioness Sajj of the Vetruvian Empire stood before them.

“You have though bravely my fellow mechanicals, but your resistance stops here. Surely you recognise the threat the Abyssians pose to all life on this planet – organic or not. We must unite if we wish to win this war. Surrender now, and you will be treated fairly”

“0!” cried GREEN

“A thousand cuts upon your insolent head!” added RED who flailed his sword arm as best as he could.

“We like who we are” 3LUE said firmly.

“Look, lady,” began YE110W, “We ain’t joining the Collective, the Grand Alliance, or your lil empire. We know you’ve been binding every mechanical this side of the ocean to the will of the Vertruvians, and we don’t want none of it!

He glanced around at the cold stares of the Primus around him, “Did you even know that the Primus can sing?” he said as snarkiness was replaced by sadness, “The Primus Choir once sang the mostly beautiful binary melodies the world had ever heard. Now look a them! They are programmed to be your guards and nothing more. Don’t you get it? We’re our own robots see, we aren’t gonna become what you turned them into”

“What you are saying is illogical,” the Scioness coldly stated “Mechanicals are the best force with which the fight the Abssyian threat as they can only posses the organics. If you do not comply, you are a threat to order, and therefore you must be terminated”

“TERMINATE THIS!” screamed P1NK, and made a gesture more vulgar than the likes of which robot-kind had ever produced. To her delight the Scioness look horrified, even her cousins were stunned…

After a moment the Scioness regained her calculated demeanor. She drew her psi-sword and raised her Wildfire Ankh, a halo of Psionic energy charged around her crown.

“Then terminated you shall be” and with a quick whip of wrist, a blast of devastating fire and lighting ripped through the cousins.

They all fell to the ground in a scrapheap.

3LUE was only a torso and legs. P1NK’s face was held by a few wires to the wings she loved. RED and GREEN were nothing more than an arm. When YE110W finally hit the beach, his head rolled about on its own.

The Scioness sheathed her blades and without emotion began to slither on, until she heard a voice behind her.


RED and GREEN reached out with wires, and grabbed onto 3BLUE. With servos whirring, they locked into place. They sat up, and pulled P1NK onto their back. Oil burning, metal shrieking, and hover-jets firing – they stood up.

Calmly, they bent down and picked up YE110W and mounted him on their shoulders.

“Oh you done messed up lady!” he cried

“Unity cannot be forced!” added RED brandishing his fiery blade

“Friends are stronger than servants” snapped P1NK

“2” said GREEN poignantly

“And the path we walk must be our own” finished 3LUE

“What is this hap-hazard abomination!” demanded Scioness Sajj

In one voice they replied, “WE ARE MECHAZ0R”

RED’s blade span around in a fiery cyclone of decapitated Primus and GREEN’s cannon blasted the Scioness clear through the thicket. They easily decimated the rest of the forces on the beach, but the scuffed Scioness was beginning to charge another psionic blast.

Standing proud MECHAZ0R unfurled its wings and fired up its rocket-jets. At first they barely hovered a few above the ground, then, to its own surprise….they flew up into the sky.


Even to this day, legends are whispered on the binary grapevine. Tales of heroism and justice, of free mechanicals living out their lives as they wished, of a blue streak racing across the sky.

They say whenever a mechanical is threatened, whenever there is injustice to robots, or when the liberty of synthetics everywhere is threatened – it’ll be there.

You just have to call out their name….



This story was inspired by the unit MECHAZ0R in the game Duelyst. Go check it out, its a fun game.

This is my own work written for the sake of fandom. If there is already in-game lore about the characters in the story, I honestly have not bothered to read it #SorryNotSorry