Big Bumper list of over 60 Game Artists

I run the Bay Area Tabletop Devs, a community of tabletop game designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have regular gathering for designers to talk about design and playtest their board games, card games, dice games, roleplaying games and any other kind of tabletop game you can imagine.

It should come as no surprise then, that I am also working on a few of my own games and as such, I’ve collected quite a list of game artists with a variety of styles that I’m going to share with you in this post.

However, I have no idea how much any of them charge for their work, nor have I hired any of them. This is just stuff I like and most of them have worked on at least one tabletop game or video game.

They are not presented in any particular order, and there some sixty…one of them? I lost count. I also did my best to provide a brief description for each of them.

If you are one of the artists listed and you don’t want to be, or want a different website linked, just reach out to me! Just a fan wanting to put your work out there in what I hope will be a valuable resource for other game designers <3

Ready? Let’s begin…

Trudi Castle

Vancouver, Canada

The Prince conceals many weapons under his cloak, but also has a tender fondness for flowers
The Prince conceals many weapons under his cloak, but also has a tender fondness for flowers

Trudi Castle is a delight to follow on Twitter. Her adorable yet adventurous characters, contain a great degree of childlike wonder to me.

But don’t let that fool you, she was also involved with the horror-dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon and is more than capable of grim and foreboding scenes as well.

If I had to pick a favourite, it’d probably be Trudi. She is one of those rarer Artists that display a wide variety of themes and topics, while somehow maintaining a distinctive style.

Jakub Rozalski


Cover art for Scythe
Cover art for Scythe

You’ve probably seen the artwork of “Mr Werewolf” (as he is sometimes known) for the game Scythe circulating on the internet. Never before as game art so far outshone a game itself because while I’ve heard Scythe “good”, the art itself is utterly tremendous.

I could post his stuff for hours. I love the small details. I love the elements of traditional dress from Eastern Europe he seems to employ, that goes a long way to make his art to prevent his art from being cliche.

I also like the suggestion of movement and conflict, and the very real sense of horror in some of his works. He is definitely one of my favourite game artists, and my favourite piece is “Holy Crusader” (see below). Apparently it was a 30 min sketch, but I love everything about it and the story it suggests.

I really want my roleplaying game Rulers to look entirely like this.

Cynthia Sheppard

Washington (?), United States

This is a name many might know from the world of Magic: the Gathering. Basically being on-retainer for Wizards of the Coast probably means you’d be unlikely to get her to work on your project these days. But if you want that classic MtG look, well, that’s her!

Despite being a Character Artist, my favourite is still “Treasure Cruise”. So many silhouetted figures bustle about this ship, busy at work. I love art that suggests activity like that. 

Jakub Rebelka

Gdansk, Poland

Apparently the above picture was for a Streelight Manifesto tour. Hm…I have never been more excited for the concert poster instead of the concert itself,

Jakub does great Character art, often with a graphic novel sort of feel to it. If you like cyberpunk or something that gets a little creative. He’s your man.

For the Roleplaying Game Insomnia
For the Roleplaying Game Insomnia

Rasmus Berggreen

Copenhagen, Denmark

For his,
For his, “Fall of Gods” book

Just epic. So, so epic. I’m not sure if I could add much more than that. A bent on a colder palette suggesting dark and more horror-related themes.

Oh hey, art that shows activity and suggests a story again.

Jose Ochoa


Let’s get a little weird now. Jose’s work is a little bit more “out-there”, but he still does a pretty good ol’, Behemoth boss battle too.

Love the detail on the snake’s headpiece.

Cristi Balanescu

Prague, Czech Republic

Game of Thrones card game
Game of Thrones card game

Just solid. Has done work for the Game Thrones Card game, the Star Wars roleplaying game.

Work that may not excite the boundless wonders of ones imagination, but truly flawless.

Emil Jensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you want a “Trolly-Troll”. Like a proper, Goblin-y, Ogre-ish look. Emil is your man.

Love this little village on the rock too. Reminds me of Lord of the Rings, Skyrim and maybe also Terry Pratchett, all at the same time.

Grace Liu

United States

Let’s mix it up with a professional storyboard artist now! Alright, she may be too busy to freelance, but this bouncy, action-focused cartoony style could make for a more dynamic art style than you first thought of.

Johan Egerkrans

Stockholm, Sweden

Rogue Stars roleplaying game
Rogue Stars roleplaying game

I don’t know anything about the Rogue Stars roleplaying game, but this art makes me really want to play it. Good job, Johan!

He has a nice mix of styles, from a good “Ogre-y Ogre” to a diverse medley of cybernetic aliens. My favourite though, is his work on a book called “Norse Gods” that has a Book of Kells sort of feel to it.

Inspired me to draft up a video game where players are advancing down a tapestry they build for themselves.

Sam White

O’Fallon, United States

Another artists who gets a little trippy at times, he mainly seems to do epic landscape art that often has a cosmic feel. Your classic fantasy forest locales can also be found though.

Joao Paulo Bragato


A little more colourful than some other artists we’ve seen so far. Again, a slight sense of childlike wonder and adventure stirs within me. If you want big beasties, Joao is a good one to go for. If its a character you need, they often convey a great deal of personality and tenderness.

Derk Venneman

The Netherlands

It’s a little hard to find a webpage that seems to still be active for Derk, but he’s worked on Hearthstone, as well as for Fantasy Flight Games and Wizards of the Coast.

Another artist I’d describe as “solid” and one who’s work you couldn’t really fault. My favourite is this marketplace scene. The vibrant colour adds to the vibrant the sense of activity.

Marc Grunert

United States

Marc is another artist who seems hard to find online, which is a shame because I really like his work. Most of these artists I found while collecting materials for my game Rulers, a roleplaying game of conquest and politics, and as a Historian, it can be hard to find Fantasy art that is historically accurate and not just completely ridiculous.

Marc, does that well. So please go back to your Deviantart and upload more than 1 picture, dude!

Toan Nguyen


A good mix of science fiction and fantasy is always good to see in a portfolio. Toan mostly has landscape and building art on offer, but also some cuter stuff on offer as well.

My favourite is the “Last Stand” because stooorrrryyyy :D

Tomas Honz

Prague, Czech Republic

Realistic yet fantastic, haunting yet enchanting. Probably one of my favourite landscape/building and/or scene artists. If its an exterior shot – preferably somewhere its just rained – I’d suggest Tomas.

Johannes Helgeson

(Swedish) lives in Montreal, Canada.

A character artists with a cartoonish-pixar style through and through. I think my favourite think about Johannes is that his character convey quite a lot of personality in a single image.

Don’t think that “cartoony” means its just for kids though. Quite a few of his pieces are tagged “mature content” for good reason. If you’re looking for something more dynamic, with a that good chunky-cartoony feel, Johannes is your man.

Josan Gonzalez


Probably the only person on this list I’d call an “artist” in the traditional sense, in that I could see his work hanging in a gallery for its own sake. I’m not kidding, this pictures links to his deviantart, go look at every single one of his pieces now.

Just utterly stunning. Heavy cyberpunk theme. Gorgeous palette. I think my favourite thing though is the clutter. There is just so much scrap in every image that gives it such texture and real sense that this art is “lived-in”.

If you want one of those “the game was fine, but the art was incredible” moments. He’d be your guy. I also love how true to Cyberpunk 2nd Edition it appears to be. A lot of smart-link going around and definitely pick up multiple limbs if you can (Hmmm…those extra health boxes)


Yeong-Hao Han

United States

Another Magic: the Gathering artist, but these pieces are just that bit…weird. I like art that is a little unusual and distinctive. It still falls comfortably into the style that has come to define MtG and many card games as a whole, but his pieces are just that little bit more memorable.

Han Kim

LA, United States

Another, solid all around character and monster artist you couldn’t fault. If you’re a fan of Dark Souls, you might enjoy this comic too.

Tao Zhu

Shanghai, China

Really, really epic landscapes and buildings with a lot of Asian themes.


Jonathon Dawo


Mostly science-fiction work of characters and scenes that suggest a little bit of story and activity.

Yama Ocre


Now that Yama is working for CD Projekt Red (Witcher series, Gwent, Cyberpunk 2077) you may not be able to get him to do character art for you. But he has done a lot of roleplaying-game, fantasy heroes.

Kudos if you can get him to churn out a few characters for you. Shoutout to the armoured T-Rex.

Kendrick See


Ambient, background art is what Kendrick seems to offer. It often conveys an emotion well or is a little inventive, so I give it the thumbs up.

Franklin Chan

London, UK

I always enjoy it when an artist adds a bit of worldbuilding in the description to their art. It always suggests to me an artist who would be fun to work with. Not someone you would tell to draw a “wicked badass orc kicking a guy’s teeth in!” but someone you’d bring on as a partner to create a ‘space’.

Shoutout to this piece that I will have to make a main location in my next roleplaying adventure.

Julian Calle

Vancouver, Canada

I’ve never seen an artist with so many Tall Ships in their portfolio. You know, classic sailing ships of the latter eighteenth century with their white sails blowing in the wind. It’s not weird, I love sailing. It was just…unexpected

Anyway, if you want a more polished look, this here’s your man. Most of his stuff looks like promo material for AAA games or movies.


Aaron Nakahara

Hawaii, USA

Illustration for the Fields of Eleria

Aaron appears to principally be a character artist. A great mix of gentle watercolour kimonos, as well as graphic, twisted monstrosities.

Favourite piece is this autumn knight with FIRE SPEAR

Marco Bucci

Toronto Canada

Apparently Marco is some kind of hot-shot who has worked with LEGO and Lucasfilm. Pfft! Whatever, I only care that he was the Artist for Karmaka which is siiiick. Really cool drafting game about reincarnation, check it out.

The art has deservedly won several awards.

Game board for Karmaka

Mazert Young

Guangzhou, China

Another character artist, who brings out a lot more personality than some work I’ve seen. I really love these dirty, dishevelled wanderers with their carts.

Just all around very good stuff that features a lot of detail and suggestion.

Shen Fei

Kuala Lumpar, Malayasia


Huh, I didn’t know ArtStation had folders until I went to Shen Fei’s profile….Anyway, really good stuff here. Lot of characters, Scenes and landscapes. Combination of science fiction, fantasy and even history.

My favourite piece is this African chief setup.

Hannah Christenson


I really love Hannah’s graphic novel/comic book art style, that using a lighter palette than most, with bold and striking images. There is sometimes something medieval, to some pieces in their composition. Like a stained glass window, painted. Also, a nice entourage of strong female characters.

I would really love to see a whole game done in her style. “The King and the Stag” is just one of those pieces you can stare at breathlessly for a while. I’m not sure why…

….oh right, I like pieces that suggest a story. We’ve been over that.

Definitely crossing the realm into “Arty-Art” here.

Milek Jakubiec

Polish, lives in UK


Milek has done just a tonne of stuff for the Total War video games series. While he has done some sci-fi and fantasy pieces here and there, that’s not why you’d be working with him, he excels at being historically accurate.

For a chuckle, I suggest reading his piece on “Bikini-Mail” where he voices his opinion of armour that is not terribly practical.

Battle of Strasbourg

Sergey Zabelin


For the card game “Faction”

Sergey is great. Really great. Great scenes, has worked with tabletop card games before and can do a good blend of sci-fi, fantasy and pseudo-historical.

I’m not sure what else to say other than he is talented, skilled and diverse.

Jason Nguyen

Toronto, Canada


I really love this sketched this. Jason is a tremendous character artist. Everything he does looks dynamic even when they are not in action poses.

I highly recommend going through his work and just relishing in his characters.

Ip Ysg

Shanghai, China

Ip Ysg, does some adorable scene and building pieces that make me think of an isometric adventure game, like Bastion, or Age of Empires.

He does some good buildings and other landscape pieces.

Domenico Neziti


Domenico is a character artist who has worked on the Mutants and Mastermind roleplaying series and others. Definitely someone who can give you that “Comic Book” look.

Robson Michel


At least from his Artstation, Robson seems to have mostly done fan-art for roleplaying games and Magic: the Gathering. I would assume his professional work is simply not on his ArtStation, because he is clearly very skilled.

I also recommend checking out his Dragon-Reaper as well if you’re a fan of Bioware games.

Tim Kaminski

Charleston, USA

Tim is an outstanding environment artist, and he is also very active on YouTube and Twitch with tutorial content, creates game sprites and I love that he adds a little bit of worldbuilding to every description.

Stephen Nickel

Sacramento, USA

Stephen’s a great character and scene artist. He’s done quite a few skins for Smite and worked with Pathfinder 3rd party books. So, all in all, a skilled artist who knows the gaming industry from all sides.

Once again, shout-out to featuring dinosaurs <3

For “Feats and Daring”, 3rd party Pathfinder books

Dawn Pu


Some really nice landscape and “map” art of places and locations.

All around, good stuff :)

Michael Donze

Paris, France

for the game Absolver

You might not be able to hire Michael right now as he’s busy with Absolver. It seems like a pretty ambitious project, but a damn cool looking game. Gotta love masked characters.

He has of course done other works, and they look pretty damn cool too.

Sam Carr 

United Kingdom

There is something sort of Elven about Sam’s work. Something about him really says “illustrator” to me, but maybe we grew up with the British style of illustrations in books…

Alex Andreev

St. Petersburg Russian

This picture too a long time for me to dig up again, which is a shame because its my favourite piece on Andreev’s work. I think it was for a magazine/collection of short stories or something.

Again, I love those pieces of art that pull you into a story filled with possibilities.

What is that thing? Why are there more of them? Is that someone crucified? Who is this girl? Is that her Bicycle? Why is it mangled? Why is she in a spacey-jumpsuit? Is this Earth?

I’ve touted a few names here as people who should be recognised as Artists for Art’s sake, but Andreev certainly is an Artisty-Artist.

I recommend looking through his dreamy, otherworldly work, but fair warning, a lot of his stuff is pretty…spidery.

David Noren


Definitely go and check out David’s stuff on his website. I’m trying to stick to no more than two pictures per artist.

People have character. Scenes have vivid texturing. Locations and places are rendered in exquisite detail, and make great use of having more than one floor.

David is an all around outside artist and I think you go check him out.

Omer Tunc

Izmir, Turkey

Juicy, vivid, epicy-mega-epic stuff.

If you want Omer to draw you something that looks likes it belongs on the cover of a Two Steps From Hell album…he’s got you covered.

Kekai Kotaki

Hawaii / Seattle, USA

So I was about to link a Two Steps From Hell track, which prompted my comment on Omer’s work when I thought: “Wait, whose the artists who does that?”

Turns out it Kekai, the Hawaiian-Seattle based artist, who was the lead concept artist on Guild Wars 2 and did some work for Bungie too on Destiny.

If you see artwork or any creative work you like, never be afraid to try and found out who the source is and accredit them. This took me like 5 minutes on Google people!

Kekai’s stuff is great and here is that Two Steps track I was talking about (It was used in the trailer for ME:3).

Now its time for the Power Rangers to merge with the VR Troopers!

Kim Sokol

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Of course I chose the Orc with a crown of flowers for Kim’s section. Why wouldn’t I? He’s….majestic.

Kim is an illustrator who has working with Paizo, and Fantasy Flight Games.

All around good character artist. I like this “Ghost Thief” because it reminds me of Demongo from Samuraaaaaaaaaaai Jack!

Asim Steckel

Quebec, Canada

I think my favourite thing about this piece is the Astrolabe “clock tower”. It’s a cute little twist on expectations that fundamentally looks cool, but maybe suggest a very astrology based society.

I’m a big fan of market and streets scenes where you can get a scene of daily life, and the hustle and bustle of civilisation.

Asim seems to be pretty good at light as well, off-setting bright areas with the right amount of shadowy areas.

Now in doing this I’ve tried not to pick just fantasy pieces (my personal preference) and try to show off an Artists’ sci-fi work as well.

But Dinosaurs won me over.

(Another good example of Asim working with shadow. A very convincing dawn scene.)

Manuel Castanon

Guadalajara, Mexico

“Tusk Fixah”

Ha! I just noticed the “Patients Survived” on the bottom there. Nice one, Manuel!

I love art that can convey a sense of humour without being straight up goofy. This piece is actually pretty charming, and while the Goblin looks like he’s struggling with the Ogre’s breath, I dread what he’ll make of the beast just coming into his tent.

Character artist, evidently a fan of Dark Souls and Steven Universe (but then again, who isn’t) and some pretty epic pieces too.

I also just realised that Manuel was on my list of artists from a piece he did a while ago that I thought was “okay”. Then I saw him on reddit again with this Tusk Fixah and I feel like you can see his work improving, which is nice to see.

That has nothing to do with this next picture though..she’s just badass.

Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena


Constantinople 1453

Mmmmm….love me some of that Historically accurate art. Been a big fan of this seige piece for a long time.

Great scene, landscape and character Artist. Many sexys.

I highly recommend going to his Artstation and looking through his stuff. There isn’t a tone on there, but it is all very good.

Props for producing the only underwater art that will (probably) appear in this list. Really nailed the murky depths..

Nick Edwards –


EPIC SPELL WARS OF THE BATTLE WIZARDS: DUEL AT MT SKULLZ FYRE is quite possibly mt favourite game of all time, and Nick Edwards did the art for it.

He also has his own show, Uncle Grandpa, which like me, you probably only know from that  cross-over they did with Steven Universe which was weird to say the least. But you can definitely see art styles from that family, as Nick exudes that Adventure Time, Regular Show and Rick and Morty feel.

I can’t confirm what he has or has not worked on, because artists blend into the mist like that, but you can definitely see it in his art.

I love this style, and Nick’s work is both cartoonish and graphically grotesque. Colour and texture slither and pulse that gives everything a suggestion of movement that makes my skin crawl with the delight.

Epic Spell Wars Could’ve just been a spell combining basic wizard duel game, but instead Cory Jones and Nick Edwards had a vision, a vision of something aweeesooommee!

Alexey Rudikov

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Refugees is a powerful piece that I would be willing to have hang on my wall. In some of Alexey’s work his style seems cartoonish and playful, at other times it suddenly conveys very real human emotion.

Character and scene artist that is great at evoking a mood.

Ryota “Ovopack” Murayama

I can’t think about worldbuilding without thinking about this great Owl piece. I love the way feathers become hair and the tiny lil guy at the bottom :D

Really beautiful work that plays strongly with animals and adventure.

Kate Baylay

London, England

Kate does book illustrations, album covers and all kinds of interesting pieces for interesting places.

I love her inked pen style that come across as something between Ukiyo-e and embroidery.

I feel like she is one of those artists you could really work with on something distinct.

Roman Kupriyanov

Vladimir, Russia

This is a lovely piece of character art by Roman, with tremendous detail in the outfits, down to the batter shinguards on the mother.For a woman with one eye, Roman has been able to convey a lot of emotion.

Some of his other work is “chunkier” and more colourful (some Warcraft fan art instance), but its his powerful women in more historically accurate dress that really shine.

Mingchen Shen

Fremont, USA

All around pretty cool stuff from Mingchen. I good blend of “badass” action, and more “cartoonish” pieces.

Only found out about him today so….that’s about all I have to say. Good Stuff!

Shou Shi

Beijing, China

You know me, I love a bit of story in my art. I think the birds really set the tone well and evoke the smells of dead fish…

Anyway, not posted enough cyberpunk. C Y B E R K A T A N A B A B E

Wouter Gort

Amstedam, The Netherlands

Maaann I love this stuffI really dig this graphic novel “Borderlands” style. Even the upside down cross necklace is a nice touch here. Bold colours and striking movement. Love it.

In addition the piece below, and his work on a post-apocalyptic Nederlands (I grew up there, I may be biased. Seeing NS trains but future-y was really cute to me) – anyway, in addition to that, read this funny story behind another piece of Wouter.

Yongsub Noh (YONG)

Seoul, South Korea

This is stuff has that touch of weirdness that I really like in my art. Just makes it all that more memorable. That being said its not totally-out-there-kooky. Instead its juuuust surreal enough.

Character art. Landscape art.

Weirdish Stuff

Robbie Trevino

Seattle, USA

“What if Dali, but cyberpunkish?” and so Robbie was brought into the world.

His style has a nice blend of soft colours and a quite distinct cartoony feel, while remaining…unsettling. There is also something, French? About his art?

I’m not know why I’m thinking that, but feeling a little confused when looking at Robbie’s work seems appropriate.

Murat Gul


I’m not familiar with Maltese names, but if Murat Gul is his real name, he sound be crowned High-Overlord Murat Gul just because of how epic that would sound.

Scene and character artist. Love that suggestive, brushstroke, freshly sketched style. Really really good, I recommend that a look through all of his work.

Kevin Hong

New York, USA

I think its the use of gold that I love about this piece. The hair, the field, the dog, the bird cage, the sword, the luggage clasps, the pattern. Everything is rich with a bright gold of a warm, lazy afternoon. Perhaps a brief reprise in the adventure of our young heroes.

Truly beautiful work that captures the imagination and a sense of adventure.

Luke Mancini



Luke does a lot of great work for Blizzard, so you might have trouble getting him to work on your project. But, if you’ve got something really cool, maybe you get his attention because he would be an amazing asset for you.

However Luke makes this list entirely because of his Lego Ice Planet piece :3

Andrew McIntosh

Melbourne, Austrailia

SQQUUUUUUEEEEE!! Its such a squishy floop! :D

If you want some pretty cute stuff, Andrew can help. But we know by now that my favourites things in art are cute, tell a story are unsettling weird.

Here’s your unsettling weird.

Edward Delandre

Paris, France

Some really great character art from Edward here. Reminds me a lot of Dark Souls and Darkest Dungeon, which I guess is where we started.

Some sci-fi stuff too, all the while often Edward’s cold feeling aesthetic of blues and greens.

I’ll leave you with Cyberborg Sharkman.