ToBeGosu now provides Kickstarter support

For over a year now I have been running the Bay Area Tabletop Devs group. A Facebook group and regular playtesting meetup board game designers local to the San Francisco area, many of whom are looking to launch on Kickstarter.

Naturally, I’ve gotten to know a lot of game designers in various stages of their projects, and careers. More and more, people have been asking if I can help them with their Kickstarters, given my background in social media marketing, video production and of course, blogging.

So if you feel like you could do with some help on your Kickstarter, or would just like some feedback, feel free to contact me through my professional site, ToBeGosu. | Twitter

However, turning my old esports events brand into a Kickstarter marketing service isn’t the only way I make a living. Mostly, I write for technology startups, grow their content and social media presence. As well as doing video production, event planning and community building.

If that sounds more like you, you can check out my LinkedIn and AngelList pages for more details and example work.

LinkedIn | AngelList

On this blog, my goal for 2018 is to write more for myself, as I often stumble across topics and ideas for blogs that always align with the brands I’m writing for. So¬†something on games/esports, video technology/streaming, or clean energy/wildlife conservation should be posted here at least a month.

However, anything to do with Kickstarter, game development or any advice around those topics will be over on

That’s my new year’s resolution. Please remind me to stick to it!