Matsumoto-jo, Japan, 2012

Esports, or professional gaming, is my passion. It is a rapidly growing industry around the world, however it all started with a little game called StarCraft in Seoul, in South Korea.

In Korean the word “Gosu” means a “Professional” or an “Expert”, but it is often used in StarCraft I & II circles to refer to someone who is “awesome” or “skilful”.

I’m a graduate with a History degree, and after a year teaching English in China, I am embarking on a journey to make my living, somehow, in the world of esports.

I hope that I can continue to travel, expand my mind and my skills, and always have music in my heart (namely Ska Punk). I’ve written for ESFI and ESL Gaming, been to Gamescom, Interviewed some of my idols, run my own tournament and even met ‘God’ briefly.

But, in every sense of the word, I am still Trying to be Gosu